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PTE prep. Coaching is getting easier now!

We can help you achieve your required PTE Academic score within 14 days*

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On-campus and online enrollment is ongoing.

Our courses include live classes, recorded classes, study materials, practice portal, 1 on 1 consultation etc.

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How we make our PTE prep courses
even more effective

To help you achieve your required score in PTE Academic, our courses include

Let the journey begin with the most successful PTE Academic Coaching in Australia

Follow our curated PTE strategies to achieve your desired score.

Melbourne PTE is The best choice

If you want to get your score within 14 days*

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Topic based lesson plan

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Task wise practice

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Section wise Mock Test

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Live Class or recorded session

What are in our online PTE prep courses?

You can learn the best strategies from our experienced instructors anytime, anywhere.

On site / Face to face training

The most successful PTE coaching since 2014

2 steps to achieve your PTE score faster

Before attending the live session, you should watch all the video lectures from our recorded class.

Before joining the live session, you should watch all the video lectures from our recorded course. This will help you understand the basics and foundation of the 20 items in PTE Academic. Most students who have 

already watched the recorded lectures can discuss their problems in the live session.

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Start practicing all 20 tasks in the practice portal immediately after completing the recorded classes or attending the live sessions.

The more you practice in the portal, the better prepared you will be for your PTE. Most students do not understand the importance of practicing all important PTE items in the portal. Be sure to use your computer (not your phone/tab) to practice because that is the best way to prepare.

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Students from these universities have taken PTE prep coaching from us and achieved their required scores

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Video lessons with proven strategies will make your learning easier to pass PTE.

Easily learn all PTE tasks by watching our interactive video lessons prepared by our experienced trainers

All Topics
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Web Portal

Why we are the 1st choice for their PTE prep. coaching

More than 2,000 5⭐ public and private reviews

In the "Free Downloads" section, you can download special study materials, strategies, techniques, and shortcut methods, as well as score cracking cheat sheets prepared by our trainers.

We make you ready to pass PTE in your 1st attempt

Follow our lessons and guidelines to get your required score now!

Before Enrollment

After Enrollment

Melbourne PTE must let you score in PTE Academic

By following our proven methods that have been field-tested by our trainers sitting in the real eam since 2014, you must achieve your required and desired scores within 14 days*. Our focus is to prepare

you for your exam with our video lessons, practice portal access along with the customized 1:1 consultations.

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5 Steps to get PTE Academic Score in 2023

Learn more about how Melbourne PTE can help you achieve your required score in PTE in 2023. If each student follows these 7 steps and continues to practice with our system, he/she must achieve the score within 4-6 weeks in 2023.

Step 1

Attend section-wise classes

You can complete 1 section (Speaking, Writing, Reading, Listening) in each class. This class is face to face on campus and online at the same time

Step 2

Check our learning contents/materials

You will get access to our learning portal where you will get all the required video lectures, notes, special materials, prediction files etc. in one place.

Step 3

Start practicing on AI Portal

You can practice all 20 PTE items in the PTE practice portal powered by artificial intelligence. You can get feedback from the system after completing any task.

Step 4

Attend Mock Test every week

After completing 4 section-wise classes and going through all the materials, you can now attend mock tests (full/section-wise) in the portal. You will get a score and feedback automatically after completing the test.

Step 5

Attend 1-on-1 consultation

After taking 1 full mock test or 4 section-wise mock tests, it is high time to book a 1:1 session. This consultation is very important to understand where your deficits are and what preparations you should make to improve your learning.

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