Reading Time: 2 minutes

Day 3:

14 September(Thursday)

10:30 AM

Problem Identification: Day 2 Practice

You must complete the homework given on day 2 before attending day 3. You have practiced Summarize Spoken Text and Write From Dictation questions and also submitted your queries on Whatsapp (+61415 417 757), we will try to give solutions on the most common problems identified from your day 2 practices.

10:45 AM

Writing & Reading Section: The Scoring Matrix

We will discuss how you should practice all 2 writing items and 5 reading items so that you can get your required scores not only in writing but also in reading.

11:10 AM

Write Essay: The Myth of Using Template

Many students follow a particular template (a pre-made sentence/paragraph structure) to write an essay because of getting influenced by many people. However, how much a template can contribute scores to the essay and overall writing section.

11:40 AM

Practice Time: Essay Introduction & Conclusion

We will write the introduction and conclusion paragraph of an essay question (real exam questions from September prediction file). We will try to understand what common mistakes students make while writing their essays in exam.

12:00 PM

Fill in the Blanks: Top 5 Grammar Rules

There are 2 types of fill in the blanks in the reading section. If you know some specific grammar rules, you can confidently identify the correct answers along with you can save some time to answer other questions in reading.

12:30 PM

Practice Time: Fill in the Blanks

We will practice 4 fill in the blank items (real exam questions from the September prediction file). We will try to use those grammar rules to fill in the blanks, even if we don’t know the meaning of the words.

12:45 PM

Homework: 60 Minutes

On day 3, we’ll learn about the PTE Writing & Reading scoring and how to improve in Essay and Fill in the blanks. We’ll practice the following items; 6 Read Alouds, 10 Repeat Sentences, 1 Summarize Spoken Text, 5 Write From Dictations, 1 Essay and 5 sets of Fill in the Blanks: Reading & Writing.

12:45 PM

Recap: Day 1 + Day 2 + Day 3