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Online class via Zoom App

It's better to use computer/laptop for the session.

  • Download the ZOOM App
    Step : 1

Download the ZOOM desktop app called Zoom Client for Meetings to your computer and install it prior to the scheduled zoom class

Download Link (Zoom Client for Meetings) (Zoom Icon)

If you want to access the class from your phone, download the Zoom app from the app store to your phone. However, we do not recommend doing this as it is more useful to take the Zoom Class using your laptop or desktop.

If you already have Zoom app on your desktop/phone, you are good to go!

  • Click ZOOM Class Link
    Step : 2

Now please check your email inbox, we have already sent you the class link if you have requested to attend a class earlier.

The subject of the email: Zoom link for the 30 Min Free trial class | Melbourne PTE 


  • Use a good pair of headphones
    Step : 3

It’s better to use a good pair of headphones. We don’t recommend to use your mobile headset or any sort of Wireless/Bluetooth headphones because to check your speaking, you should use over-ear headphones. (see the picture)

PTE Exam Headphones: