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Why Melbourne PTE
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Welcome to Melbourne PTE Study Center, and thank you for your interest in our PTE courses. We are the most successful PTE coaching with the highest number of success stories (79 in PTE or IELTS Score 8; 65 in PTE or IELTS Score 7; 50 in PTE or IELTS Score 6) in Australia since 2014.

Thanks for signing up with Melbourne PTE! We’re super-excited to have you on board. Please be sure to keep our email in your Primary Folder as we will be sending important updates. It contains all the info you need to get started, get in touch with us, as well as general information about your PTE Prep. Course.

As an enrolled student, you will find this Q&A necessary throughout the PTE Prep. journey with us.

1.   To whom should I contact when I need help?

🗣️ Our Admin Team on Telegram  (👇). You can use the Telegram App on your Mobile phone as well as on Computer.  We have a dedicated team working to solve all your issues from 10 am to 7 pm (Monday-Friday)we are closed on Saturdays & Sundays.

Click to Contact on Telegram
2.   How can I get a PTE Prep. Study Plan?
🗣️ When you sit for 1on1 consultation with your PTE Trainer, please ask them. They will make a Study Plan for you because every student and their PTE Prep. Progress varies from one another.
3.   How can I get a Post Mock Test Consultation?
🗣️ You can book by yourself by clicking the link, or you can ask the Admin on Telegram.   
4.  How long may it take to get responses from Support (Admin) on Telegram?
🗣️ If you contact us within our working time, it may take a maximum of 30 minutes to get replied. However, if you don’t get any responses within 30 mins at our working time, please call us at 0415 417 757 within 10 am to 6 pm (Monday to Friday). You can send us a mail to melbourne@ptestudycentre.com.au, and we will respond to you within 1 hour after receiving your emails. 
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